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24 February 2011

We have a team!

Since Etsy revamped the Team setup, I created a team for Etsy Secrets, so that we can have a presence there too. Hope to see you there!

20 March 2008

Les Règles du jeu

- Each post must be a coupon. As administrator, I may violate this rule to post information concerning this blog. This blog is not for new item announcements, sales, or other non-coupon promotions. (For the purposes of this blog, a coupon will be distinguished from sale in that a coupon requires visiting Etsy Secrets to gain the information needed to redeem it.) If you are looking for a place to post other types of Etsy promotions, check out this blog or this one.
- Please only post coupons that are valid in one or more Etsy shops. If you are posting a coupon that is valid at a shop that is not yours, then you must have the permission of the owner of that shop.
- Please do not post two or more coupons that are identical. They must be materially different: for example, valid for different items or shops, valid during a different time period, etc. If you would like buyers to be able to use the same coupon twice, then simply state in the coupon that each customer can use the coupon twice.
- I reserve the right to delete posts that do not abide by the rules of this blog. I may also remove coupons that have expired.
- You are encouraged to promote this blog and the coupons within it, but please be courteous when doing do. Do not spam anyone or promote in inappropriate places.

- Blogger only allows 100 authors per blog. Thus, please let me know if you are closing your Etsy shop, so that I can give your space to someone else who can use it.
- If you are an Etsy seller and would like to become a contributor to this blog, please
contact me! Please include your email address in your message, so that I can instruct Blogger to send you an invitation to join the blog.
When posting a coupon, please include:- a link to the item(s) or shop(s) for which it is valid
- clear instructions on how to take advantage of the offer
- any restrictions pertaining to the coupon

- a coupon code (I suggest using one exclusive to this blog, so that you know from where your buyers are coming.)
- an expiration date (This is important so that customers do not have to scroll through 6 months of coupons to find yours. When the coupon is nearing expiration, you are welcome to post a new one with a later expiration date. Please make sure dates are specific, so that visitors are not confused in case they do not check the posting date.)
- some sort of warning to viewers if your links lead to mature material (A simple “my shop offers ___, ___, and mature items” will suffice.)

You may also want to include:
- a short description of the street team, shop(s), or item(s) for which your coupon is valid
- a relevant picture
- a link to a related blog
Please do not include:- non-relevant links, pictures, etc.
- any material violating the rules of
Etsy, the rules of Blogger, and/or pertinent laws
- adult-content (This is so that Blogger will not make us put up a warning.)
- any pictures, text, etc. for which you do not have the copyright owner’s permission to use

Ways You Can Help Etsy Secrets:
- Promote it appropriately in your shop, your blog, or anywhere else where doing so would be acceptable!
- Become a team leader.
- Design a banner for Etsy Secrets that matches the blog design.
- Read over these rules, and let me know if there is anything I can do to clarify them.

Thank you!